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Here Comes the Bride | Weddings Signs for Ring Bearers and Flower Girls

Take a look at one of our most popular product lines - "Here Comes the Bride" flags for ring bearers and flower girls. These products, which are all handcrafted one at a time in our studio, are easy to customize and inject a bit of personality- and sometimes humor- into your wedding ceremony. All photos are from real weddings, shared by our fantastic clients and their photographers.

Set of Three Here Comes The Bride Signs Photo By Katelyn James

Set of 3 Signs "Here"-"Comes"-"The Bride" | Photo by Katelyn James Photography Virginia


Circus Wedding Sign As Seen on RockNRollBride Photo by Regina The Photographer

As featured on RockNRollBride.com | Photo by Regina As The Photographer Tampa, FL


Spanish Flower Girl Ring Bearer Ritzy Rose Sign Photo by Ana Lui Ibiza

Two whimsical cuties in Ibiza | Photo by Ana Lui Photography Ibiza Spain


Balloon Ring Bearer Ritzy Rose Sign | Photo by Rachel Moore

Handsome ring bearer + two pretty ladies | Photo by Rachel Moore Photography Nashville


Hooray and Happily Ever After Signs | Photo by Adrian Jon Photography

"Hooray" & "Happily Ever After" | Photo by Adrian Jon Photography, Southern California


Don't Worry Ladies I'm Still Single

Make 'em laugh with a sign like this - "Don't Worry Ladies, I'm Still Single"


Cute Ring Bearers

Check out the wedding guests' faces!


Gay Wedding Sign | Here Come The Brides | Lesbian Wedding

We're proud to cater to gay and lesbian weddings as well!


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March 07, 2014


An Announcement | from April 30, 2013


If you know our story, you know that Jason and I are social media's biggest advocates.  We understand the benefits and reach that you can get from using it wisely.  That said, we always told people we felt we were successful through social media because we utilize it for our business the same way that we use it in our personal lives.  

Lately, we have changed the way we use social media.  We are on facebook a little less, and sites like instagram and pinterest a little more  We've noticed that more and more on facebook, the pages that we want to hear from are being increasingly buried by sponsored posts and game invites. This means that our fans aren't hearing from us when we post.  Recently, on both a personal and a business level, we've been doing things the "old fashioned" way (circa early 2000s).  We sign up for mailing lists of the companies we love, and we look for their emails.

We will still always post plenty of pictures and tidbits to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  But we wanted to add another layer, which is our brand new mailing list.  Please stop by our website and click on the link to sign up for our mailing list today.  You will then receive from us a focused newsletter email highlighting everything important that's going on around here.  You'll just hear from us a few times a month, at most.

Click here to sign up for the new mailing list.
Jen & Jason
The Ritzy Rose

{Brooch Shower} Your Bouquet Takes Shape, One Brooch at a Time! | from January 11, 2013

Brooch bouquets are perhaps one of the fastest growing wedding trends in the bridal market.  Gone are the days of getting rid of your wedding flowers after the big day, or shelling out hundreds of dollars to get your fresh florals preserved in a box.  Your bouquet is now something that you can keep on display after the big day, and pass down to your children when the time comes.
 Photo by Shannon Bigler of Picture Perfect Portraits
Not only are there endless styles and details to nail down when it comes to designing your bouquet (no two are the same)- there are several ways to go about collecting the pieces that will make up your bouquet.

While we offer a full-service option (where we supply all of the brooches), we’ve also created several bouquets using the bride’s pieces.  Brides collect pieces in a variety of different ways.  Some inherited a collection from family.  Some girls are shoppers and hit up stores like Charming Charlie for new sparkly brooches, or thrift stores to add some vintage charm.  Something old, something new? Check!

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{Brooch Bouquet Giveaway} Charming Charlie + The Ritzy Rose | from January 10, 2013

There's a huge giveaway going on right now between The Ritzy Rose and Charming Charlie! Using gorgeous brooches, earrings and necklaces sent to me from their charming style team, I created this exclusive Ritzy Rose brooch bouquet perfect for any nuptials.   
Just an example of a few of the brooches in Charming Charlie's collection. 
Photo courtesy of Charming Charlie
They sent me a package dripping with pearls, rhinestones, and metallic beauties.  Of course, I added some vintage Ritzy Rose brooches to finish it off in my signature style, and voila!  This stunning bouquet could be yours by entering on Pinterest.  Rules below...

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March 07, 2014

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{2013 Bridal Collection} Ritzy Rose Jewelry | From January 10, 2013

{1} Double Decker Dripping Rhinestone Necklace with Victorian Center $175. {2} Mid-Century Chunky Rhinestone Necklace with Blue Brooches $245.  {3} Signature Double Strand Romantic Rhinestones with Purple Brooch $265.  {4} Single Strand Rhinestone Necklace with Silver Rose $175.  {5} Lace Necklace with Chunky Weiss Jewels $165.  {6} Signature Triple Strand Rhinestone Necklace with Purple Heart $295.  {7} Victorian Lace Collar with Rhinestone Necklace $135. {8} Sweet Crochet Lace with Rhinestone Necklace $115.
These gorgeous necklaces are new for 2013.  Using vintage lace, signed rhinestone necklaces and bold brooches, the craftsmanship is unparalleled.  We solder metal to metal for a discreet and high quality finish, and hand stitch the lace components.  These are all available in the shop, but send us an email for a custom design.
{The Ritzy Rose}
Twitter: @TheRitzyRose
Instagram: @TheRitzyRose

Meeting Miranda! | from June 20, 2012

When Miranda Lambert came to town to perform at Nationwide Arena in June 2012, we bought our tickets right away.  When I mentioned to her mom, Bev, that we were excited to see her perform, she told me that Miranda would love to meet me & Jason!  Last May, as I created her brooch bouquet for her wedding to country heartthrob Blake Shelton, the whole thing happened in the blink of an eye- I was hired to create the bouquet a week and a half before the big day, I received her heirloom pieces about a week out, and I had to burn a sick day to complete the bouquet and get it back to Texas in time.  People asked if I got to meet Miranda.  Until last week I considered myself lucky to have had a phone conversation with Bev during Ran's bachelorette party weekend, while I asked questions about the details of the bouquet and Miranda answered them in the background.  
That all changed this June.  About a half hour before Miranda took the stage, we were backstage where we would get to meet her momentarily.  
Not only is she the cutest little thing ever (and she sure is tiny!), she is the sweetest, most down to earth girl around.  The second I walked around the corner and said "Hi! I'm Jen, I'm the girl who made your..." she grabbed me, hugged me, and we started jumping up and down together.  She then ran around and told her photographers and security guard that I am the girl who made her bouquet.  After thanking me profusely, she told me how many great tweets and compliments she got for it.  It's now locked up and permanently on display in her showcase, undoubtedly flanked by dozens of Grammy's and CMAs.
Check out the autograph she gave me!!!
After I thanked her for letting me create this for her, I told her that shortly after her wedding, I did the whole quit-your-day-job thing and now get to design for all of my incredible clients full time.  She expressed how happy she is that things worked out so well for us. 
I thought it was pretty funny when Miranda told me she met a fan last week who told her that the girl who created the "infamous Miranda Lambert brooch bouquet" would in fact be creating hers as well.  I can't to figure out which bride that was (feel free to drop me a hint below in the comment section).  In case you were wondering, she totally remember meeting you.  Did I say that she is down to earth?  This conversation happened moments before she stepped out and rocked a full house of 15,000 fans.  

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{Ritzy Rose Studio} Behind The Scenes | from March 15, 2012

Recently, we had Amy Clark Studios over to our studio to capture our workspace for an article that was featured on Etsy's homepage.  Etsy was interviewing me for their Quit Your Day Job blog, and they wanted to see where the magic happens.  Amy followed us around our 1915 home, which is just outside of Columbus, Ohio.  Until now, only the brides in Columbus (or those who were ambitious enough to travel here from far away lands) were able to see the inside of the studio.  To all my other friends around the world, here it is!

Below is the vintage rotating bin (aptly named the "Rotabin") where I store all of my brooches. Everything is coordinated by color, size and type.  Brides who visit the studio can spin each tier to select the pieces for her bouquet or jewelry.

The Rotabin stores nearly 10,000 vintage brooches.  Behind that, the Great Wall of Press.  In the entrance to our studio, we have the long purple and gold table (from our wedding ceremony), which displays some vintage pieces.  
 Mr. Ritzy Rose toiling away on the computer.  Sometimes, Mr. Ritzy Rose toils away in our secondary studio, a.k.a "the dungeon".  We have two rooms in the basement devoted to stock, shipping, photography, production and storage.  Here, he's soldering a purple truck for a boutonniere.  It's not really a dungeon if there are three chandeliers, is it?
We recently got this piece from Objects For The Home in Grandview.  It's an old restaurant cart, but I filled the trays with crystals, pearls and vintage necklaces for my brides to try on while they're here.
Photo credits: Amy Clark Studios
Update 7/27/2013 - Our new store opened this month and the studio has been reclaimed as our house!  The dungeon still is up and running, but you will find the Rotabin, our R's and all our products now at 18 West Columbus Street in Downtown Pickerington, Ohio.

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