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The Ritzy Rose launched in 2010 as a wedding accessory brand. The company grew quickly into a full custom accessory company and their brooch bouquet designs were featured globally. Their designs were quickly seen as trendsetting as the handcrafted vintage look continued to thrive. In 2013, The Ritzy Rose launched a full accessory line and later that year opened the flagship store in Pickerington, Ohio. In 2014 the new collection expanded as clients grew to prom goers and those looking to ritz up their everyday.


Jen Diehl’s dream was always to design for herself. She planned her dream wedding to fiancee Jason while designing for major design brands. This was the initial inspiration and after the couple returned from their honeymoon planning of the company began. Launching with items from their own wedding, they hit the Etsy scene in August 2010.

Brooch Bouquets quickly became The Ritzy Rose's signature item and they brought a more fashion forward look to the current literal floral brooch bouquet trend. When Jen was introduced to  The Junk Gypsies (the group designing country superstar Miranda Lambert’s wedding) through a few tweets, the real journey began. Miranda’s mother contacted Jen to design her bouquet from pieces from Miranda’s shower. Once the bouquet Jen made for Miranda Lambert was seen all over the press, the brooch bouquet trend and Ritzy Rose made their mark. Click here to see The Ritzy Rose in the news.

Once the bouquet Jen made for Miranda Lambert was seen all over the press, the brooch bouquet trend and Ritzy Rose had made their mark.


Since receiving critical acclaim in the press The Ritzy Rose has designed hundreds of bride's bouquets. The Ritzy Rose continued to source vintage pieces, being one of the only bouquet brands to stick to this standard. Through their constant sourcing they began to add amazing pieces to their inventory, and this began the next transformation to their line. Moving from custom work to a full collection, they now stock headpieces, necklaces and belts. The Ritzy Rose also offers a smartly-curated Vintage Collection in both the flagship store and on Etsy.

By the summer of 2013 the brand was ready to expand from their home based studio into a retail store. The Diehls maintained the lifestyle they wanted by choosing a location for their store just a short walk from their house in Downtown Pickerington, Ohio. This launched the transformation into a full scale accessory brand not just for brides, but for anyone.


At the heart of The Ritzy Rose is design. Knowing not only what the trends are, but where they came from is key to their signature style. The designers blend vintage components with meticulously sourced new additions that are handcrafted into an array of accessories. The Ritzy Rose is constantly looking for what is next (always keeping in mind what came before) to create the signature style. The Ritzy Rose continues to evolve and strives to create fashion that is right for almost every girl and every budget.  They seamlessly blend modern and vintage to create pieces that are timeless. When The Ritzy Rose says “one of a kind” they literally mean that, and when you wear a design from The Ritzy Rose you will be the only one to have anything like it.

Design & Studio

All items other than the Vintage Collection are created in The Ritzy Rose studio by the small design team. This helps to create a unique brand and keep costs low. Instead of manufacturing and retail being separate, with this vertical operation they are literally feet away. Knowing where something is made always makes it more special. Knowing the small team that handcrafted your piece is what makes The Ritzy Rose special.

They have an extensive collection of raw materials in their design library and they continually push their capabilities in the studios.   Vintage components have always been favored by The Ritzy Rose design team because of their craftsmanship.  Glue is seldom used; instead solder is the key component of their construction method.  Be sure to follow the team on Instagram to get a behind the scenes look.


Sourcing is one of the most important aspects of the brand. The designers' constant vintage shopping for years has created an all-important network of sources for components. This has allowed the team to amass a great collection of unique elements to create one of a kind pieces. The team also travels and searches for new components to complete their line. They strive to know exactly where and how items are produced whenever possible. The commitment to quality sourcing is what sets The Ritzy Rose apart.


The Ritzy Rose creates all of their items in their Pickerington, Ohio design studio. Vintage items are mainly sourced locally and then used by The Ritzy Rose’s team to compose their designs. The passion to create items stems from their love of locally manufactured goods. They strive in their sourcing to find more and more components that are made in the United States.  Vintage is mainly purchased in small towns from individuals and small businesses.

The Ritzy Rose creates all of their items in their Pickerington, Ohio design studio.

Do you manufacture components that could be used in our accessory design or know someone who does here in the US? Please let The Ritzy Rose know!

Behind the Name

In June of 2010 while on their honeymoon the conversation of a business began. By July the conversation evolved to naming the business. Jen and Jason wanted to create a brand, not just a product. The name had to be able to be far reaching and not pin them in a corner. One word was easy: "Rose". It was Jen's maiden name. Then the journey began to find a partner for the word Rose. Their love for the 1920s led them to look up vernacular from The Great Gatsby, and the word "Ritzy" jumped out out at them. There it was: The Ritzy Rose.

In 2013 The Ritzy Rose became a Registered Trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The Team

Jennifer Diehl

Owner, Head Designer

Jen is a New Yorker who now calls Ohio home. She graduated from Cornell University in 2002 with a bachelor of science degree in Textile and Apparel Design. Jennifer also studied at London College of Fashion, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). After college, she lived and worked in Manhattan for several years. She designed for Tracy Reese and freelanced for a handful of other designers. Jennifer spent much of this time backstage at NY Fashion Week, creating clothing for the runways twice a year, and traveling to Europe for trend research. She loved every minute of it.

In 2005, an excellent opportunity with Abercrombie & Fitch meant she would relocate to the vibrant, up-and-coming city of Columbus. This job afforded Jen even more travel opportunities, bringing her to factories to approve production in Asia and South America.

In 2008, Jen joined Limited Brands as a Senior Designer, where she spent over three years designing for the Bath & Body Works Brand. She grew her list of skills by working on a variety of creative projects, from prints to gift sets and accessories.  Experience gained from this position has given her a strong knowledge base when it comes to production.

In August of 2011, just a year after launching, The Ritzy Rose began to take off more than Jen had anticipated. She decided to leave the corporate world so that she could spend more of her time designing for her own company.

Jen’s design work has been featured in books, tv, movies and international magazines such as Vogue, In Style, Country Living, Us Weekly, People Country, Cosmo, Marie Claire, Lucky, and several others.

Jason Diehl

Owner, Business Manager / Designer

Jason was born and raised in the buckeye state. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2002 with a bachelors of science in Hospitality Management.

Before taking the leap to work on The Ritzy Rose full time in the beginning of 2011, Jason spent many years in the hotel industry in the culinary and sales departments.  Jason's role is far reaching in The Ritzy Rose. He balances his time between web design, product photography and managing operations while helping Jen create and source.  His role in sales has helped develop the marketing and business strategies, while his creativity stems from years a a chef.

Jason's once music and sport-filled life has now blended with fashion and vintage.  One thing remains the same if you catch him during a Buckeye game he will be sporting scarlet and grey. Go Bucks!

Hannah Anspaugh

Assistant Designer

Hannah started working at The Ritzy Rose part time in 2013 while studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She graduated FIT in 2014 with an associate degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising.

Hannah officially joined The Ritzy Rose team as Assistant Designer in 2014 while she continues her FIT education from Ohio. She is working towards bachelor degree in International Trade & Marketing for the Fashion Industry. She helps with sourcing, production and design. Hannah also helps manage the flagship store and oversees the sales associates.  Hannah graduated from Pickerington High School Central in 2012.

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