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Birth Affirmations

Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta / to get an Epidural

See spec for more details
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This one is so fun, it cracks me up every time. This double-sided banner is absolutely perfection to hang in the birthing room. One side says "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta", and flip it over to read "Damn it feels good to get an epidural". If you're feeling like you want to do this whole natural childbirth thing (which I highly recommend), hang the gangsta side facing out loud and proud! If you decide the contractions completely blow and you have a date with the anesthesiologist, flip it around to the epidural side (because that feels really good too). This one is possibly the most unique baby shower gift - it's that thing the expectant mama had no idea she needs until she sees it!

A little personal backstory: I went into my first childbirth experience with a birth plan that included a water birth and completely un-medicated labor. But they induced me and the pitocin contractions were a bit too much for this gangsta to handle so I begged for (and thoroughly enjoyed) the epidural. Fast forward to my second son, when I was induced for a second time: I asked to meet with the anesthesiologist first thing and told her sign me up for the epidural. There was no way I was going to endure that pain again! But I was also a bit more prepared and brought some very powerful birth affirmations that I was able to focus on during the tougher moments. A strange thing happened: I believed I could, and I did!

What's my point? You can never really plan for everything, and a birth plan is more of a rough idea of possibilities, so it's good to leave your options open. This sign accounts for a wide range of possibilities, so you'll be all set!

For your reference, this sign is shown on White paper with Caribbean ink and White ribbon. The second example shows Dark Navy ink and Cobalt ribbon. The third example shows Slate ink and White ribbon. Colors may vary from screen to screen. 


Once we receive your order, our small team of designers will review the details and begin production. All printing is done in-house on 80# linen texture cardstock, and the order then moves to sewing. We add a 100# core and the three sheets are then stitched together. See our spec image for further details.

•All paper is made in North America and sourced through sustainable forestry
•Ribbon is made in the USA
•Signs ship flat in custom box.

Our color cards are meticulously calibrated and regularly checked against standards. We do our best to show our product in action. Sometimes that requires photo manipulation. We aim to keep scale and color as accurate as possible.

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