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A picture is worth a thousand words, and adding a sign adds a thousand more. Let The Ritzy Rose join you from proposal to engagement, down the aisle to "our family is growing"...  and back again!

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a handcrafted American brand that started in 2010. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the team of three focuses on every customer individually. Your item is made to order each and every time, allowing for mass customization. At The Ritzy Rose the top priorities are high quality production with prompt and accurate product execution. Great lengths are taken to responsibly source the best materials. Discover more below.
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The Ritzy Rose is a small family business in Pickerington, Ohio. Find more about who The Ritzy Rose is and how the company started. Discover the team behind your order and where it is produced.

Ritzy Rose Press Section

In July of 2011 The Ritzy Rose was catapulted on the map as Miranda Lambert carried a Ritzy Rose brooch bouquet. This gave The Ritzy Rose global recognition. Find out more in the press section.