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Birth Affirmations | Free Digital Download for Positive Labor & Childbirth

For a limited time, we are offering our birth affirmations as a FREE digital download! If your birth plan is changing quickly, we are here for you with a helpful tool that you can download immediately for free even if you're literally in labor right now.

Hi, I'm Jen! Mom of two with two very different birth experiences. I tell my story below, but first let me tell you about this amazing set of birth affirmations that we designed.

Birth affirmations are positive statements that empower a laboring mother.

We first launched this product as a gorgeous set of cards Then we all found ourselves changing plans very quickly when the world adapted in early 2020. While nothing replaces the feeling of holding our thick linen cards in your hands (seriously, this paper has been described as just like leather!), we wanted to gift this set as a free digital download. Please note this is not a physical product and nothing will be shipped to you.

This set offers a wide range of beautiful words and colors to focus on while you progress through each contraction. Some thoughts are simple yet comforting ("breathe in... breathe out") and others remind us of our incredible strength as women ("My body is made for this moment" and "This is hard work, but I can do it"). What is great about this set is that certain messages will speak to you when you're there in the moment. Perhaps you'll take comfort in "I am doing an amazing job" during the early stages, and as you progress into transition you might cling to "Each contraction brings me closer to my baby". These words will become part of your birth story. 

• I can do anything for 60 seconds • This is hard work but I can do it • My body is made for this moment • Women around the world are laboring with me • My baby and I are working together • This will not last forever • Like millions of women before me, my body knows how to birth • I am prepared for any path my birth takes • This pain is powerful but I can handle it • Love is all around me • Breathe in Breathe out • I am doing an amazing job • I will meet my baby soon • My body is capable & strong • Each contraction brings me closer to my baby • I am a badass momma bear

• Includes sixteen (16) graphics
• Multicolor watercolor print with black easy-to-read font
• Designed in Ohio.
• All designs are copyright The Ritzy Rose®

When I was pregnant for the first time, I read the books and did the things to prepare for a natural childbirth. But when I was induced and experienced those pitocin contractions that were so much more severe than I could've imagined, I begged for an epidural. My experience was scary and painful.

A few years later when I was pregnant again, I planned to get an epidural as soon as they would let me. I had switched from an OB to a midwife, and she was ok with my choice. Once again I was induced, and I asked to see the anesthesiologist right away so we could make a game plan. Then my husband pulled out a set of birth affirmations from my hospital bag. I was surprised to find myself taking great comfort in statements such as "women around the world are laboring with me right now" and "I am a badass momma bear". Being reminded in that powerful and slightly terrifying moment that just like millions of women before me, my body would know what to do, was exactly what I needed to hear. The anesthesiologist popped her head back in to see if I was ready for the epidural, and I glanced at my midwife, my husband and my birth affirmations. I told her "not yet". We played a little game: with each contraction, I just said "I'll get the epidural after the next one, let me just make it through one more". Between contractions, I grabbed a new affirmation card to focus on as I rode the next wave. It turns out my body did know exactly what to do. Before I knew it, it was go time, and with the strength of millions of women I pushed out my healthy baby boy, 100% unmedicated. 

One final note from me - there is one card that I think is particularly significant: "I am prepared for any path my birth takes". While it is important to jot down a loose plan, please remember that it is just a plan. We aim to serve women no matter what their birth path looks like. I've had an epidural, I've begged for a c-section, I've gone natural, I've failed at breastfeeding and I've had a successful breastfeeding relationship. This deck of cards is meant to empower and inspire, but only you and your medical professionals can determine the best path for your childbirth experience. With all the mom-shaming out there, I just wanted to reinforce that you're beautiful and strong and even if nothing goes as planned, at the end of all this you will have your little squish to hold in your arms, and that's all that matters!! That said, please share your birth stories with us and let us know how these cards helped you through!

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