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These exclusive Ritzy Rose wine labels are not for the faint of heart, but if you have a coworker with a good sense of humor who is leaving the company, this is absolutely your chance to knock their going away present out of the park. Our 8 pack of peel and stick wine bottle labels is great for a gift basket, and priced low enough to pick out the 2 or 3 that you think your colleague will enjoy the most (save the rest for future quitters... I mean people who resign).

• Good Luck At Your New Job. You're Dead To Us
• Congratulations!
• You Sucked At Your Job Anyway. Just Kidding
• Good Bye! Take Us With You!
• Congrats On Pursuing Your Dream Of Not Working Here Anymore
• Most Of Us Will Miss You
• Good Luck Finding Better Coworkers Than Us
• Congrats On Your New Job We'll Miss Watching You Do Nothing

Our peel and stick wine bottle labels are designed and printed in our design studio in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

• Each label is 3 inches wide x 5 inches tall
• Printed on waterproof polyester stock
• Printed in-house on our Canon C650 production printer for high quality & consistency every time
• Designed in-house by our small team of designers and makers
• All designs are copyright The Ritzy Rose®

• Our labels work best with a straight bottle that doesn’t bulge out in any way. If the bottle is curvy, the label may bubble around the edges.
• We suggest fully removing the label that comes on the bottle so that the labels you order look best. Paper labels peel off the easiest (clear plastic can be harder). Avoid labels painted directly on the bottle since you’ll see the letters beneath your label.
• Pro tip: don’t shy away from the cheapo bottles! Part of the beauty of our labels is that they take a $4 bottle of wine and elevate it to something oh-so-much classier. So unless the recipient is a wine connoisseur, nobody will ever know. We definitely won’t tell anyone.

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Why order from us?
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• The Ritzy Rose® is a family business with four people (plus some extra help on a seasonal basis), making and shipping all of your orders. This is our full-time job, hobby and obsession. We love what we do. We owe it to our incredible customers that allow us to support our families by making amazing pieces for all of you.

Other notes:
• Colors vary from screen to screen
• Many bottles have different dimensions. Our labels may appear different if you apply them to a smaller or larger bottle than what is shown in our photos. Please see the measurements for the exact dimensions.
• Please reach out to us if you have any questions - our team is very responsive and we'll get back to you (sometimes within minutes) with the support you need

We don't blame you. Want to shop more of our labels for occasions from girl's night out and family holiday dinners, to weddings, proposals & anniversary parties? See the collection here:

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