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Brooch Bouquet Process for The Ritzy Rose

Brooch Bouquet Process

At The Ritzy Rose each bouquet is handcrafted using a process created through years of experience. Each brooch is hand wired, so as not to manipulate any of the jewelry. No glue is used in the process and each piece is securely attached by wire to create a stem, and those wires are finished with high quality ribbon to finalize your look.

Custom Bouquet Process

The Ritzy Rose offers a vast collection of pieces to create your bouquet. You have the opportunity to work with Jen Diehl on your bouquet to create the statement that fits you. It starts with choosing your style, then your pieces and the ribbon to finish the stem. The custom process depends on many things and details follow.

What Makes The Ritzy Rose Different

At the heart of The Ritzy Rose is fashion, and that is a big difference. The Ritzy Rose's design style comes from over a decade in the fashion industry, which sets her apart from traditional florists. Their experience is far beyond the rest, and after years of being a leader in brooch bouquets you will be working with a designer who can easily guide you through the process. The Ritzy Rose's inventory of thousands of vintage brooches makes them one of the last designers sticking to vintage pieces. A majority of the collection is vintage jewelry that is meticulously sourced. Vintage adds character, uniqueness, and an eco-friendly aspect, not to mention the long-lasting quality. Miranda Lambert chose The Ritzy Rose- why wouldn't you?

Your Input on the Design

Your input is welcome. Jen has worked with hundreds of brides and helps guide each one. Her expertise is essential to creating your look, and is one of the differences with The Ritzy Rose. You choose color, style, texture, size and look. You can be as specific or vague as you would like, and Jen will guide you to your dream bouquet.

Brides can come to the studio in Central Ohio to look through the collection and pick their selection of pieces. Working with Jen in person adds to the experience. Feel free to setup an appointment with Jen by calling or emailing.

When to Begin the Process

The Ritzy Rose's goal is to have a bouquet to you one month before your wedding. As far as how long it takes, there are some variables. Sometimes pieces may need to be specifically ordered for you and that process can take some time as well. The approval process of pieces to use and stem color can take time. It is normal to start six months to one year before your wedding.

Approval Process

Once you express how you want the your bouquet to look, you can have pictures of the pieces emailed to you. Many brides skip this step since once in a bouquet the pieces can take on a whole new life. A picture can be sent of the bouquet in progress before your stem color is chosen. A final picture for approval will be sent prior to shipping. Often times slight adjustments can be made, but sometimes major changes once you have moved on can cause extra fees (this rarely occurs).

The Three Styles

Round is the signature look from The Ritzy Rose. Jen and Miranda both carried a round bouquet that provides a different style for a bouquet. The bouquet has pieces at every angle.

Natural (domed) is an organic look to your brooch bouquet. This style looks more like a traditional bouquet and the pieces are loose, but solid. This style is the most popular.

Floral bouquets offer a softer look and a lighter weight bouquet. There are two main styles with floral bouquets. One is to use large flowers like roses or peonies, and the other style uses more of a hydrangea offering more petals than individual flowers.

Why Choose a Brooch Bouquet

Choosing a brooch bouquet has a lot of benefits. Adding family pieces and special mementos can make it something that can have more meaning than any other accessory. Fresh flowers can wilt and be unpredictable, but a brooch bouquet is ready to go on the big day. It is the perfect accessory for destination weddings and outdoor weddings. The bouquet is also a piece of the wedding that lasts and lets you remember the big day for years. Many brides are excited to think that their daughter may one day carry it down the aisle. It is also eco-friendly.

Creating a Bouquet Using Your Pieces

One bouquet trend has certainly taken off: collecting your own pieces and working with a designer to have the bouquet professionally made. It is one of the best ways to design your own bouquet. Send pieces that you collect from family, friends or heading out and shopping yourself. This is a great way to do the fun part and leave the hard part to the professionals.

Amount of PIeces to Complete a Bouquet

It is next to impossible to say how many pieces are needed, so what we measure by is surface area. Each size bouquet requires a different amount of surface area to be filled. A standard 8.5x11" sheet of paper is used to determine how much is needed. Jen will guide you on what size you are looking for and make sure you have enough pieces.

Using Some of Your Pieces

You can provide all or some of the pieces. A sliding scale based will be used and discounts are issued based on each 1/4 of a standard sheet of 8.5x11 sheets of paper you can fill with your pieces.  Ask Jen for more information on this.

Ideas on What to Use

When thinking about what to use, think about what is important to you. Things that remind you of your groom, your family or your life are always popular. Also your style is very important. Think about color and textures that appeal to you. This is your day, so be sure to make the bouquet right for you.  

Brooch Shower

A great way of gaining meaningful pieces is a brooch shower. Miranda Lamber did this to get the pieces to create her bouquet. Each attendee brings a brooch to add to the bouquet. This tradition makes each piece meaningful and everyone is always excited to see the outcome and find their piece. Be sure to let your attendees know what you want from color to the amount of rhinestones. This is a great way to help with the cost of the bouquet as well. Find more information on this Ritzy Rose blog post.

What Can and Should be Incorporated

First what can be incorporated is mainly jewelry such as pins and clip-on earrings. Other items can be included, but is on a case by case basis. When thinking about weight what you use is important. Rhinestones and small pieces add to the weight of a bouquet.

Bridal Party

Many times entire bridal parties carry brooch bouquets. Inquire with The Ritzy Rose about bridesmaid bouquets. There are a number of options to help with cost.


Custom bouquet prices range from $350-$725. The base price is $350 when all pieces are provided by the bride. Size of course affects the price, and when flowers are used this lowers the cost of the bouquet. When a bride sends pieces, but not all there is a sliding scale to adjust prices. Shipping, taxes and extras are not included in these quotes.


A bouquet deposit can be purchased here. Sometimes The Ritzy Rose has to limit certain times due to demand and resources. Placing a deposit secures your space and allows the team to start collecting your pieces.

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