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Custom Brooch Bouquets Info

Brooch Bouquet FAQ

{q} How long does it take to make a custom brooch bouquet?

{a} It can definitely vary. On a strict timeline it can be done in just a couple of weeks, but the ideal time frame is a number of months. The process includes shopping for your pieces and then as your wedding aproaches the communication will increase. Normally bouquets ship between 1 and 2 months prior to wedding date.

{q} I have a collection of my own brooches. Can I send them to you to use? Will it make the price less expensive?

{a} Yes and yes! Jen loves incorporating the bride's personal heirlooms. When you send them, please label any pieces that you want to have a special placement, like on the stem or on the very top. Many brides also group several pieces together and label their "a" list and their "b" list.

{q} How many brooches does it take to complete a bouquet?

{a} This depends of course upon the size of bouquet you would like, as well as the size of each piece. Because all brooches vary greatly in size, it is more about the surface area that your pieces take up than the quantity of pieces. That said, here is a general guideline that can help you estimate about how many you'll need.

Start with a few sheets of 8.5" x 11" letter size paper. Lay your brooches out on the paper spaced very closely together (they should be overlapping occasionally, the way they would in a bouquet). In order to complete a small bouquet, you want to fill the first sheet completely, and a quarter of a second sheet (1.25 sheets total). For a medium bouquet, try to fill one full sheet and three quarters of the second sheet (1.75 pages total). For a large, it can take as much as two full sheets and a quarter of a third sheet (2.25 sheets total). These can of course be a mixture of larger brooches, medium pins and filler earrings.

{q} What if I have some pieces, but not enough for an entire bouquet?

{a} No problem. Jen can use whatever you send, and supplement with pieces to make sure that your bouquet is as big and fantastic as you want it to be. Contact for a custom price quote based on the amount of pieces that you are able to provide.

{q} I'm on a budget, are there any ways to cut costs?

{a} Of course. As mentioned above, you can provide the brooches, which will cut the price down to my basic package and entry-level price. Feel free to send all of the brooches needed, or some to decrease the bouquet cost in increments. If you want to get the full Ritzy Rose experience and have them provide all of the pieces, you still have options for pricing. Many of bouquets incorporate gorgeous, luxe silk flowers which not only soften the overall look of the bouquet, but they decrease the cost. In general, a bouquet that includes silk flowers will run approximately $200 less than a comparable size made of exclusively brooches.

{q} I would love to send you pieces, but I don't really have any family brooches or a personal collection. What can I do?

{a} Why don't you do what Miranda Lambert and countless other brides have done? Throw a brooch shower! Read The Ritzy Rose blog post on this very topic.

{q} Can I find The Ritzy Rose at local boutiques?

{a} Not yet, but in 2013 it is a focus for The Ritzy Rose to begin developing a line ready for distribution to select boutiques. It will be different than the one-of-a-kind pieces you have seen by The Ritzy Rose, but will still have that Ritzy Rose signature look.