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24 Blue Holiday Window Cards in 12 Retro Christmas Tree Designs + Envelopes

In this collection, we’re taking a modern interpretation on the fabulous '50s with a nostalgic nod to classic Christmas charm. Each card features a whimsical Christmas tree, decked out in yesteryear's finest tinsel and twinkling with retro cool. Some stand proudly against a solid background, others are poised in frosty windows that frame a bygone era's holiday magic - each tree telling a story of warm, cozy Christmas Eves from a simpler time.

With a sprinkle of that old-school tinsel and a palette that echoes the vintage vibe, these cards are your ticket to spreading timeless holiday cheer. They're perfect for those who appreciate the warmth of a traditional Christmas, mixed with a dash of mid-century mod. It's like sending out a little piece of history, but make it the 21st century. So, pop these in the mail and let’s make this holiday season stylishly splendid!

Ritzy Rose Greeting Cards

OUR BRAND: Ritzy Rose is a brand focused on representing YOU - we design for the individual, not the masses - your individuality drives our creativity

WE BELIEVE: digital communication is becoming the noise and physical connection is the new way to stand out - that's why we sell our cards in boxes of 24

THE MESSAGE: we set the tone with our designs, you make the magic with your message in your handwriting because the human touch matters now more than ever - that's why our cards are always blank inside

OUR PRODUCT: Ritzy Rose cards are designed, printed and produced in small batches in Ohio - from our hands to yours since 2010

DETAILS + STUFF: our thick, silky, super-writable cardstock is cut precisely to 4 x 5.5 inch cards, A2 envelopes included - perfect to mail or hand out

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