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24 Colorful Knight Christmas Cards in 12 Funny Designs with Envelopes

Get ready to storm the castle of cheer with these holiday cards, each one a festive banner of medieval merriment. They're not just greetings; they're a call to arms for fun, laughter, and yuletide spirit. From the "Knight Before Christmas" standing ready to guard your tree to the brightly armored paladin "Charging into the New Year's Battles," each card is a whimsical nod to the days of yore with a holiday twist.

Suit up in your holiday best because these cards are on a quest to deliver smiles across the land. Whether you're wishing for "Goblets of Festive Brews" or sending spells of "Texting Merrily Party Spells," each one is a creative blend of ancient celebration and modern cheer. Perfect for the history buff or the fantasy lover in your life, these cards are an invitation to a merry little Christmas, medieval-style. So saddle up your reindeer, raise your glass, and let the holiday crusade begin!

Ritzy Rose Greeting Cards

OUR BRAND: Ritzy Rose is a brand focused on representing YOU - we design for the individual, not the masses - your individuality drives our creativity

WE BELIEVE: digital communication is becoming the noise and physical connection is the new way to stand out - that's why we sell our cards in boxes of 24

THE MESSAGE: we set the tone with our designs, you make the magic with your message in your handwriting because the human touch matters now more than ever - that's why our cards are always blank inside

OUR PRODUCT: Ritzy Rose cards are designed, printed and produced in small batches in Ohio - from our hands to yours since 2010

DETAILS + STUFF: our thick, silky, super-writable cardstock is cut precisely to 4 x 5.5 inch cards, A2 envelopes included - perfect to mail or hand out

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