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2020 Rainbow Watercolor Calendar

I still remember the first Christmas I celebrated with my husband's family many years ago. His parents have this little tradition. Every year, my father-in-law gets my mother-in-law a calendar. After being married for 30+ years, a calendar might not seem like the most exciting Christmas gift. But as she opened it up (with a big grin on her face), he started reading a note that came with it and I realized I was way wrong. Starting in January, he gave us a detailed play-by-play of their year together. In January, their oldest grandson lost his first tooth. In February, they escaped the winter for a short, romantic trip to Florida. In March, their daughter got a promotion. In April, they celebrated six family birthdays. In May, they had to put their cat down. In June, he got her a puppy!

I realized that he went through her meticulous schedule from the year before... all the doctor appointments, dates, sleepovers with the grandkids, trips, meetings... and he craftily extracted all the highs (and some of the lows) of their year together. I've now enjoyed twelve years of annual recaps and I still love hearing how I fit in to the family story. The fact that we can all look back on our year together makes me want to reach for a giant box of tissues and I love that my father-in-law does this.

It is with that sentimental side that I designed this set of loose calendar prints. I wanted them to be so gorgeous that at the end of the year, you will keep them around as a record of how you grew, learned, hurt, loved, and explored this year. And my hope is that next year, you'll come back and get another one.

Just as pretty as they are versatile, you can mount these sheets on your wall, punch holes and slip them into a binder, keep them on your desk. Made in our print shop featuring gorgeous watercolor prints on high quality, sustainable cardstock.

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