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Daily & Weekly Jewish Blessing Cards

A recent trip to Israel inspired us to create this handy set of go-to daily and weekly blessing cards. As Jewish moms who don't necessarily do enough to instill Jewish values with our families, we learned a great deal from the religious women who led the trip. In Tsfat we learned about the magic of mikvah and modeh ani. In Jerusalem, we lit Shabbos candle and said kiddush for our children overlooking the Wester Wall. We learned about hand washing and the travelers prayer. For some of us, these blessings had been a part of our lives. For some of the women, these were new traditions that we couldn't wait to take home to our families. That's how this set was born.

Each card shows the Hebrew blessing, a transliterated text and the translation. Graphics are inspired by the mystical, ancient city of Tsfat.

• Modeh ani (morning prayer)
• Hand washing
• Candle lighting
• Shema (bedtime blessing)
• Kiddush (wine blessing)
• Hamotzi (challah blessing)
• Traveler's Prayer
• Also includes a cover card and a personal note from the designer, making this a great gift!

• PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED AND CUT: Printed on our production printer, then cut down to size on our industrial machinery
• MADE IN USA: We designed and printed this set right here in our print shop in Columbus, Ohio, USA. We are a family-run company, obsessed with quality and details
• QUALITY CARD STOCK: We chose this 110# cover weight linen textured card stock for its strength and beauty.
• SUSTAINABLE: All paper is made in North America and sourced through sustainable forestry. Because that's important to us.

Copyright The Ritzy Rose

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