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Funny Beer Lover Christmas Labels - 6 Pack

• Reinbeers
• Brewdolf
• Let's get blitzened
• Full of Christmas spirits
• Let's get elfed up
• Hoppy holidays

This pack of beer decals is designed for everyone who truly loves their beer AND Christmas (so everyone, right?) Filled with cross-stitch (a.k.a. it'll match your ugly Christmas sweater) and packed with plenty of drinking puns, this exclusive six pack of beer decals is sure to shock and delight anyone you will be spending time with this holiday season.

If you're anything like us, your calendar is filling up fast this time of year. It can be tiring to think of presents and hostess gifts all the time, so we choose beer! That's right - our holiday secret is grabbing someone's favorite 6 pack and totally personalizing it with our exclusive beer decals. Trust us, everyone will be talking about them!

Our peel and stick beer labels are designed and printed in our design studio in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Waterproof, highly durable labels. 

Measurements: 3 inches wide x 3.75 inches tall.

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Our Labels

• You'll receive instructions for easy removal of the label that came on the bottle.

• This does not include bottle, wine, beer, or any accessories shown in the photos.


• Our labels work best with a straight bottle that doesn’t bulge out in any way. If the bottle is curvy, the label may bubble around the edges.

• We suggest fully removing the label that comes on the bottle so that the labels you order look best. Paper labels peel off the easiest (clear plastic can be harder). Avoid labels painted directly on the bottle since you’ll see the letters beneath your label.


• MADE IN THE USA - we design, print, and package in our Ohio studio

• POLYESTER LABELS - avoid smearing, tearing, and peeling with labels and adhesive that are designed to withstand the toughest conditions.


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