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How to Honor a Lost Loved One at Your Wedding

February 28, 2020 4 Comments

Weddings and other milestones are best celebrated with the ones that we love, but what happens when those we love are taken too soon?

Preparing for one of the most important and wonderful days of your life should be a joyous time. However, it can be difficult to focus on the excitement of those occasions when you are missing special people from your life.

We know just how close to your heart your loved ones are, especially those who have passed on. Therefore, we take pride in helping you find ways to honor the memories of your lost loved ones as you prepare for your wedding or other milestone celebrations. It is our hope that these opportunities will allow you to make a meaningful tribute to family members or friends and also enjoy your day to the fullest.

Something Borrowed

Your wedding dress is perfect, the flowers are purchased, the bridesmaids’ gifts are packaged, and everything appears to be in its place… but you may still have feelings of sadness as you move forward with your wedding plans. Or, maybe you even feel some guilt for enjoying these wedding details even though certain loved ones are no longer here to celebrate with you.

First of all, it is okay to feel sad. Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult, and with the stress and anxiety of an upcoming wedding or event, that sadness can seem to escalate quickly. We all grieve in different ways, and while it is natural to experience some sadness, guilt, or anxiety as you approach your big day, it is also important to remember that your loved ones would want you to focus on the positive and exciting moments of your celebration. Hold onto the great memories you have with your loved ones and cherish them by keeping a piece of them with you throughout your day.

One of our favorite ways to honor a loved one is to make your “something borrowed” an item from that special person. You can weave an article of his/her clothing into a flower crown or veil, you can share cuff links and a tie clip with your groom, or you can wear a special piece of jewelry that will make you think of your loved one all throughout your day.

Jason borrowed his grandfather's state basketball charm and uncle's necklace to help him remember. Jen carried a brooch bouquet filled with borrowed family pieces to be with her.

Brooch bouquet heirloom items for something borrowed to remember at wedding


Preserving your loved one’s memory is important to you, and just as you would keep their photographs in your home after they’ve passed, finding opportunities for photographs at your wedding can help to add that special touch.

Ask your photographer to incorporate a framed portrait of them in the family photos or request one with just you for an intimate remembrance. You’ll be able to look back on those photos for years and cherish that moment.

Additionally, you could place a photo of your loved ones in a wearable locket, in a small frame tucked into your bouquet, or displayed on your gift table for all your guests to see.

Framed images at wedding in memory of those no longer with us
Photo album for those no longer with us at a wedding

You can display the photos in an album for people to browse. Jen chose a vintage album with some stylized photos to remember those no longer with us. You can also display in frames on a table offering your own styling.  

Favorite Song

Modern weddings make adding songs at the last minute a piece of (wedding) cake! 

From Spotify playlists to hiring a DJ, any musical avenue is happy to accommodate a request from the bride or groom to shake things up unscripted.

If your lost loved one’s favorite song was the “Hokey Pokey,” then be sure to add it into the mix. With that special tribute to them, you’ll see your family and guests chuckle alongside you as you take in a memory of them performing it solo at your childhood soccer games. 

The power of music to initiate memories is undeniable and intense.

Memorable song at wedding to remember someone lost

Memorial Signage

Maybe your loved one passed away and the seating arrangement had already been placed. You may be feeling extra stress or sadness about having to rearrange everything. 

If you don’t want to rearrange your seating chart, know you don’t have to! 

One way to make your loved one a part of your occasion is to save them a seat. Whether you do so during the ceremony itself or at the reception, placing memorial signage and/or a reserved seat makes them a presence that is felt throughout your wedding. 

No need to change your plans or omit them from your big day. Including them in this way can be truly special! 

If this is how you would like to remember your lost loved one at your wedding, we have a selection of customizable, handcrafted signs for you to choose from. 

Create to make people feel is at the core of Ritzy Rose, and memorial signs embody this mission. From simply remembering all that are no longer with us to concentrating on a specific loved one great Ritzy Rose takes this service as an honor.

Raise a Glass

With the best man and maid of honor already raising glasses with a clink and a toast to you and your love, why not take a moment to do the same for your family members or friends who have passed away? 

Sharing an anecdote of your time with them or a quirk of theirs may bring a smile to your face, laughter to your heart, and love in your eyes. Remember the full Hokey Pokey routine they did when your junior high team won the big game? Yeah, that’s the one! Feel free to bring that up in a quick toast and allow their memory to live on. 

In keeping your wedding celebration, whether in a church, in a pine grove, or under a blanket of stars, we hope these ideas have inspired you to pay your respects and honor the memories of your loved ones.

Smile, dance, and kiss your way through your beautiful wedding. Remember that your loved ones would want you to enjoy every moment and that, while they may not be with you physically, they will be with you in spirit to rejoice in your union.

In memory of toast

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