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Low Key Valentine's Day Inspo

February 05, 2020 36 Comments

Low Key Valentine's Day Cooking

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which can cause people to feel pressured to find the perfect gift or spend too much money on a fancy dinner.  However, the thought of stressing over gift ideas or dropping Benjamins just to eat a meal doesn’t have to be a reality. There are plenty of low key ways to celebrate and appreciate your significant other without taking a deep dive into your wallet. 

From ordering pizza and cueing up your favorite episodes of The Office on Netflix to swirling rosé in a long stem glass and sitting in front of the fireplace, a night in with your beloved may be exactly what you did not know you both needed this year. 

Low-Cost Gift Ideas

Your love for that special someone in your life has grown significantly since you met, and he/she continues to amaze you in new and challenging ways. With that being said, sometimes we feel the pressure to want to go all out. We know, however, that sometimes that just isn’t in the cards. We are here to provide some simple and low-cost avenues to create a special and memorable Valentine's that you'll want to revisit time and again.

Make It Meaningful

If your partner’s idea of the perfect date involves getting a sitter and taking a nap in the backseat of the minivan, then why not? 

It’s those little details that can end up making a world of difference in how special someone feels. Make your time spent together, even while napping, meaningful. You might hear them whisper, “You remembered” with a pleasant sigh as they put the seats in full recline. 

Still wanting to do something more? Don’t worry - we have you covered! 

Wine Label and Card

Surprise your loved one with a unique wine label attached to his/her favorite blend to express just how you feel. And, with a card as well, you can go into even greater detail about how swept off your feet you are. If that’s not your style, simply draw a heart and sign with your favorite pet name instead. 

All that's left to do on your end is buy the wine! We love this idea because there is no stress in preparing it, but more importantly, it is personal and special. 

Valentine's Day Wine Label Valentine's Day Wine Label Gift Valentine's Day Gift

Eats and a Movie

Packing a picnic lunch and hitting up the local matinee can help save some money while still highlighting the classic date idea. No one said you have to do dinner on Valentine's Day!

Finding those moments of alone time can be few and far between for those of us with busy work schedules, families, and infinite responsibilities. So, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or evening, whenever you're together is the right time.

If hitting the theater isn’t in the budget, there’s always the option to order in and snuggle up on the couch together. 

Few things say, “See how well I know you” better than having his/her most loved restaurant delivered to the front door and having a plan to rewatch Jurassic Park for the 100th time just because you know it’s a favorite.  

Valentine's Day Date Night

Hit up a Record Store

Browse like the music aficionado your Spotify playlist believes you to be! 

There isn’t anything quite like pulling vinyl out of its jacket sleeve and watching the ridges glint in the light of a record store. Find the album that has “your song” on it and tuck a card inside the sleeve to make your honey’s heart flutter amidst the music.

From Bowie to Death Cab, Danzig to Yo-Yo Ma, taking a turn on the tables with your sweetheart may introduce you to your new yearly tradition. 

Take a Staycation

Pack a bag and head to the nearest B&B! 

A short trip or night out doesn’t need to be states away in order for it to feel special. Sometimes a little getaway is all you need - even at a local spot. You’ll even save some money in the process by not purchasing plane tickets or multiple hotel stays. Perhaps you may use a little of the saved dough to splurge on a neighborhood experience in a part of town you’ve never visited. The check-in host or hostess at the B&B can steer you in the right direction!

 Valentine's Day Staycation

Low Key Date Ideas

You may have been the one to stay out all night in the past or maybe you were always the homebody type. Whichever the case may be, if you’re feeling a more chill vibe this year, we’re all about that too! 

Sticking close to home, saving cash, being with your love, and keeping it low key is, well, key. 

Hike a Metro Park

Look up your local metro parks online and find the ones that check items on your list.

Allows dogs? Check! Paved or gravel paths? Check! Scenic? Check!

Whichever one you choose, enjoying nature together can inspire so much romance. 

Before heading out, look up local plants and animals in the area and make it a game to see if you can locate and identify any while out on the trails.  

Valentine's Day Walk in a Park

Secret Love Note

Does your honey have to work on Valentine’s Day? 

You can bring some butterflies to his/her feelings with a secret love note tucked into a planner or laptop. Your significant other will be sure to have a permanent smile through the rest of his/her afternoon meetings. 

Pick a Meal from a Cookbook

Libraries aren’t just for studying - they are great places to take a date too! Who knew, right?

Go hand-in-hand to the cookbook section and flirt with some delicious meal ideas. Pursuing tastes together is a great way to connect; it introduces you to new cultures, and it’s free. Total score! Plus, it beats the ‘ole, “What are we doing for dinner tonight?” question. 


Dig out your old handheld camera, charge the battery and leave your phones at home for a few.

It sounds simple, sure, but it isn't always the easiest to put down our phones and just be with one another. Trust us, we know! But, for just a while, taking things back to the days before data can help us feel closer. Give it a try - you may surprise yourself! 

No matter how you spend the special day, if you're there and appreciating one another, that is all that truly matters. 

We hope you and your loved one enjoy a relaxing, stress-free, and low key celebration this year. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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