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Making Vintage Modern: The Bridesmaid Dresses | from March 2011

by Jen Diehl February 14, 2014

I love when brides go for non-traditional bridesmaids dresses.  The monotone, same-shape-for-every-girl look is such a thing of the past.  I definitely went to the extreme, outfitting each bridesmaid in a bright and very different colored vintage frilly prom dress, but there are so many other ways to break the rules in a more subtle way.

My six lovely ladies:

When picking out my dresses, I tried to keep a similar silhouette for everyone, and pick out each color based on the bridesmaid's style and personality.  It was incredible that morning as we all got dressed; it was the first time I saw all of them in their dresses together, and they had so much fun fluttering around the room like a troupe of ballerinas.  It squelched any fears I might have had about being that bride who puts her girls in corsets and crinolines.  They loved them!

Another thing I did to help create a cohesive look across the bridal party is make each girl a pearl necklace, and pair them in simple white T-strap shoes.  Both of those accessories really helped to pull together the assortment!

I also adore using the same dress on all the girls, and pairing it with a different color cardigan.  Your maids will all appreciate the fact that these two pieces are both totally wearable in the future.

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Jen Diehl
Jen Diehl


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