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{Country Music Style} The Rankin Twins Get Ritzy | from March 8, 2012

by Jen Diehl March 07, 2014

Many great things came from being a vendor for the Lambert & Shelton wedding.  One of them was hooking up with two stylish country singers named the Rankin Twins.  These girls are just as cute as they are talented.  Did I mention they are identical twins?  If you haven't already heard their music, pick up their CD (or find them on iTunes).
Amy and April requested a couple of stage-worthy accessories from The Ritzy Rose.  They like feathers and sparkle, and they love blue, green and black (although I think they can pull off just about any color successfully).
I studied their Texas style as much as I could.  There were lots of tweets back and forth while I was shopping at flea markets to figure out what they would love.  Over the course of several months, we've become twitter friends.  Finally, I came up with a few ideas and sent them a package filled with sparkle, feathers and leather.  I was super excited when I saw this tweet:
" Ooooooh compliments of . You just brought smiles to our faces. Xoxo. Thanks so much!!! "
Thanks for the Twitter shout outs!
":   one of your items is making a debut on stage tonight :)"
" We <3 our  headband "
The timing was pretty perfect, as I am just starting to branch out to create much more than what I first became known for.  Lately I've been adding in pieces like necklaces, cuffs, hair pieces and sashes to the shop.  April and Amy, thanks for being some of my very first models!! 
Learn more about these musical ladies at http://www.therankintwins.com/
Thanks Amy & April Rankin for sharing these pictures!  I just finished making a few necklaces that I think you'll like, so keep an eye out for another package this Spring!!!!
All images taken from www.therankintwins.com or instagram.  Copyright Rankin Twins and/or Twinty Photography.

Jen Diehl
Jen Diehl


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January 16, 2015

your gown was beautiful and the brocoh was the perfect added touch!I also had a vintage brocoh, but I couldn’t find a place where it “fit” on my dress so I skipped out.

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