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{Ritzy Rose Studio} Behind The Scenes | from March 15, 2012

by Jen Diehl March 07, 2014

Recently, we had Amy Clark Studios over to our studio to capture our workspace for an article that was featured on Etsy's homepage.  Etsy was interviewing me for their Quit Your Day Job blog, and they wanted to see where the magic happens.  Amy followed us around our 1915 home, which is just outside of Columbus, Ohio.  Until now, only the brides in Columbus (or those who were ambitious enough to travel here from far away lands) were able to see the inside of the studio.  To all my other friends around the world, here it is!

Standing in the foyer, you're looking into the studio. Originally, this front room was the living room, but we converted it into our business space.  We love our 10 foot ceilings, and all of the built in details where we can display our products!  Below is the vintage rotating bin (aptly named the "Rotabin") where I store all of my brooches. Everything is coordinated by color, size and type.  Brides who visit the studio can spin each tier to select the pieces for her bouquet or jewelry.

The Rotabin stores nearly 10,000 vintage brooches.  Behind that, the Great Wall of Press.  In the entrance to our studio, we have the long purple and gold table (from our wedding ceremony), which displays some vintage pieces. 
 Mr. Ritzy Rose toiling away on the computer.  Sometimes, Mr. Ritzy Rose toils away in our secondary studio, a.k.a "the dungeon".  We have two rooms in the basement devoted to stock, shipping, photography, production and storage.  Here, he's soldering a purple truck for a boutonniere.  It's not really a dungeon if there are three chandeliers, is it?
We recently got this piece from Objects For The Home in Grandview.  It's an old restaurant cart, but I filled the trays with crystals, pearls and vintage necklaces for my brides to try on while they're here.
We got these "r" letters on Etsy for "Ritzy Rose".   We love having visitors- we've had brides drive hundreds of miles from Michigan, and fly thousands of miles from Amsterdam!  A couple of my Australian brides have even mentioned coming to visit us this year.  Please call or email us if you would like to schedule a time to stop by!  Thanks again to Amy for helping us look professional and pretty!  If you'd like to read Etsy's article about our company, you can find it here.  Thanks for reading this!
Photo credits: Amy Clark Studios
Update 7/27/2013 - Our new store opened this month and the studio has been reclaimed as our house!  The dungeon still is up and running, but you will find the Rotabin, our R's and all our products now at 18 West Columbus Street in Downtown Pickerington, Ohio.

Jen Diehl
Jen Diehl


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January 18, 2015

Does this couple have any irtenest in hosting/renting out to someone wanting a barn wedding?Mary- I emailed the bride your email address. She will follow up with you if it’s a possibility!


January 17, 2015

Thank God! Somnoee with brains speaks!

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