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Meeting Miranda! | from June 20, 2012

by Jen Diehl March 07, 2014

When Miranda Lambert came to town to perform at Nationwide Arena in June 2012, we bought our tickets right away.  When I mentioned to her mom, Bev, that we were excited to see her perform, she told me that Miranda would love to meet me & Jason!  
Last May, as I created her brooch bouquet for her wedding to country heartthrob Blake Shelton, the whole thing happened in the blink of an eye- I was hired to create the bouquet a week and a half before the big day, I received her heirloom pieces about a week out, and I had to burn a sick day to complete the bouquet and get it back to Texas in time.  People asked if I got to meet Miranda.  Until last week I considered myself lucky to have had a phone conversation with Bev during Ran's bachelorette party weekend, while I asked questions about the details of the bouquet and Miranda answered them in the background.  
That all changed this June.  About a half hour before Miranda took the stage, we were backstage where we would get to meet her momentarily.  
Not only is she the cutest little thing ever (and she sure is tiny!), she is the sweetest, most down to earth girl around.  The second I walked around the corner and said "Hi! I'm Jen, I'm the girl who made your..." she grabbed me, hugged me, and we started jumping up and down together.  She then ran around and told her photographers and security guard that I am the girl who made her bouquet.  After thanking me profusely, she told me how many great tweets and compliments she got for it.  It's now locked up and permanently on display in her showcase, undoubtedly flanked by dozens of Grammy's and CMAs.
Check out the autograph she gave me!!!

After I thanked her for letting me create this for her, I told her that shortly after her wedding, I did the whole quit-your-day-job thing and now get to design for all of my incredible clients full time.  She expressed how happy she is that things worked out so well for us.
I thought it was pretty funny when Miranda told me she met a fan last week who told her that the girl who created the "infamous Miranda Lambert brooch bouquet" would in fact be creating hers as well.  I can't to figure out which bride that was (feel free to drop me a hint below in the comment section).  In case you were wondering, she totally remember meeting you.  Did I say that she is down to earth?  This conversation happened moments before she stepped out and rocked a full house of 15,000 fans.  

As I mentioned to Bev, I will never be able to thank the Lambert family enough for all they have done for me.  After catapulting my company into the spotlight, they have shown me so much kindness time and time again.  I've heard that Miranda remembers meeting people from previous events, she even remembered how certain unusual names are spelled.  Have you ever gotten a chance to meet her?  Leave me a comment and share your experiences below!

Jen Diehl
Jen Diehl


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June 21, 2014

You made her bouquet?! I love it! I had never seen any until I saw hers. I love the idea so much that it has inspired me to do a brooch bouquet for my wedding next year. You can keep it forever, that’s what I love most about it. And I love that her brooches are random! I’ll be using a lot of random brooches passed down from two of my great grandmothers.
That is so awesome that you got to meet her! I’ve met her twice, but didn’t have anything exciting to talk about and I was WAY too nervous!!
You did a great job though, I love it!

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