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{Brooch Bouquet Giveaway} Charming Charlie + The Ritzy Rose | from January 10, 2013

March 07, 2014 1 Comment

There's a huge giveaway going on right now between The Ritzy Rose and Charming Charlie! Using gorgeous brooches, earrings and necklaces sent to me from their charming style team, I created this exclusive Ritzy Rose brooch bouquet perfect for any nuptials.  

Just an example of a few of the brooches in Charming Charlie's collection. 
Photo courtesy of Charming Charlie
They sent me a package dripping with pearls, rhinestones, and metallic beauties.  Of course, I added some vintage Ritzy Rose brooches to finish it off in my signature style, and voila!  This stunning bouquet could be yours by entering on Pinterest.  Rules below...

 Closeup of the bouquet you could win

The rules:
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Charming Charlie: 
Instagram: @Charm_Charlie

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January 16, 2015

I love those floral boxes in your cloest – soooo dainty. definitely not something your grandpa would have used! Re the pelargoniums or geraniums. I agree with the lady above who suggest you remove the old buds. Any flowering plant whose old buds are left in situ will start developing seeds and once those are developed, it won’t need to develop any more flowers. Its scope of existence is done with – it has procreated. So snip off the old buds and excite the plant into reproducing some more. The same goes for roses for instance… hope this helps. Oh and another thing – geraniums prefer dry feet, so go slow with the watering…

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