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An Announcement | from April 30, 2013

by Jen Diehl March 07, 2014


If you know our story, you know that Jason and I are social media's biggest advocates.  We understand the benefits and reach that you can get from using it wisely.  That said, we always told people we felt we were successful through social media because we utilize it for our business the same way that we use it in our personal lives.  

Lately, we have changed the way we use social media.  We are on facebook a little less, and sites like instagram and pinterest a little more  We've noticed that more and more on facebook, the pages that we want to hear from are being increasingly buried by sponsored posts and game invites. This means that our fans aren't hearing from us when we post.  Recently, on both a personal and a business level, we've been doing things the "old fashioned" way (circa early 2000s).  We sign up for mailing lists of the companies we love, and we look for their emails.

We will still always post plenty of pictures and tidbits to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.  But we wanted to add another layer, which is our brand new mailing list.  Please stop by our website and click on the link to sign up for our mailing list today.  You will then receive from us a focused newsletter email highlighting everything important that's going on around here.  You'll just hear from us a few times a month, at most.

Click here to sign up for the new mailing list.
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Jen Diehl


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