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6 Hottest Dessert Trends That'll Have Your Mouth Watering

September 19, 2018

6 Hottest Dessert Trends That'll Have Your Mouth Watering


Desserts are a topic that we'll gladly talk about all day and every day. Lately, we've been seeing a shift away from rustic and understated back to the fancy, artistic and whimsical. What do we see coming down the pike for 2019 and beyond? Read on for some seriously mouth-watering eye candy. Spoiler alert: #6 will have you floored when you see how this world-famous architect-turned-cake-artist uses a 3D printer to create her delicious confections.

Don't Tell Charles Modern Art Cake

1: Artistic painterly finishes

This trend can be interpreted in a variety of ways - watercolor painterly florals, bold strokes of color or modern art splatters (think Jackson Pollock). Bonus points if your wedding takes place at an art museum (one of our other fave trends). Pro tip: if you're getting married somewhere iconic, like the Brooklyn Art Library, you can tie in some famous landmarks like the uber-creative Brooklyn skyline cake featured here.

Kalabasa, a Russian  abstract cake artist, works any color palette into a dynamic, modern explosion of color and texture. 

Based in Moscow, Kalabasa uses stiff swipes of chocolate that mimic brushstrokes. Read more about the artist  here

Spatula Cake

Cheerful yellow "spatula" cake, this one might be a good candidate for a DIY cake.

Watercolor Peony Cake

This pink watercolor two tiered cake with peonies is perfect for a spring bridal shower.

Everything from this Brooklyn Art Library wedding, featured on Green Wedding Shoes, is stunning.

Watercolor florals are timeless - combining a vintage flair with modern styling. We love this cake from Engaged and Inspired.

Australian cake artist Don't Tell Charles is knocking it out of the park with their uber-modern and artistic creations. From concrete materials to the perfect splatter strokes and sugar art, they've got it all.

Pop Sugar Geode Wedding Cake

2: Crystals everywhere

Equal parts whimsical, earthy and modern, we're finding that this sparkling treatment of treats appeals to a pretty wide range of events. We first saw the geode cake pop up from time to time, and now we're seeing a wider array of ways to use rock candy to rock out your dessert bar.

Shattered Crystal Cake

From my new favorite dessert styling blog, Alana Jones-Mann: "Earlier in the week I made this crystal cake for a client’s going away party. I had initially designed it (in sketch form) to just have a few large crystals at the top, but as I was making the sugar rocks, I knew I had to add in more – they were just too pretty not to! I made the hard candy myself and then dyed / colored each piece after breaking the sugar apart into rock-esque shapes. I loved working with this rad client and since she was moving from NY to LA (just one month ahead of me!), I knew I had to make it special. Also, not to sound like a narcissist, but how smooth is that buttercream!?!" We totally agree.

Crystal Fleck Cake

Juniper Cakery Agate DIY

From " Marbled, gold flecked and geode-inspired cakes are definitely among some of our favorite trends so far! Gaining tremendous popularity in the past year, these beautifully crafted cakes are perfect for a stylish birthday or a chic wedding. The intricate designs are sure to impress and are actually easier to achieve than you’d think. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to creating the agate cake trend." Let us know how this one works out if you try it!

Mac Lab Bakery
Green geode cake

An interesting take with the geode in green and crystals growing out from the top of the cake.

Geode Cake

A yummy blend of geode crystals with a soft, painterly exterior.

Black and white geode cake

We love mixing a delicate geode with a neutral palette of white and black.

High shine black cake

3: paint it black

As the Rolling Stones say, "No colors anymore I want them to turn black". At Ritzy Rose, we have always and will forever love color, however we can whole-heartedly get behind this idea of stunning black desserts. This image: High shine black cake with embellished edible topper - the artist over at Don't Tell Charles is putting some finishing touches on this work of art.

Don't Tell Charles

This matte black cake is paired with an abstract layer reminiscent of concrete. Bonus points: cheeky gold "Shit Yeah" cake topper.

Black gold cake

This cake artist nailed the combo of stark black with metallic gold leaf and fresh florals. 

Black and Silver Cake

Shiny black is combined with textured silver in this figural piece and I'm green with envy. From Don't Tell Charles

Black Wedding Cakes

This stunning floral cake is set on a matte black, smooth fondant that we are in love with. Found on Wedding Chicks, photo from Tortik Annushka.

Brides of Houston Black and White Anemone Cake

Also found on Wedding Chicks, this stunning image from Brides of Houston is a perfect example of black and white floral simplicity.


Black Galaxy Cake

If you are like me and you love the black cake trend but still need a little color in your life, check out this DIY tutorial on

DIY Black Galaxy Cake Icing

A little more informal than some of our other options, we love this one for a birthday party or baby shower.

Black Galaxy Cake DIY Recipe

Surprise! The inside is made with alternating layers of black and purple. It'll bring out your inner glam rock goddess in no time.

4: Macarons

The classic French treat has earned its rightful place on the dessert table of modern showers, parties and weddings once again. Voila! Not only do they taste delish, macarons come in a mouth-watering color palette that's fun to coordinate with your party. And recently we've seen some mind-blowing detailing, like gold-foil trim and the use of rock candy geode detailing. Marbled macaron image from Mac Lab Bakery.

Mac Lab Macarons
Rose Lychee Macarons

Rose + Lychee Macarons
You can't go wrong with pretty colors and romantic, floral flavors. From Mac Lab Bakery.

Sugar + Cloth DIY Marbled Macarons

DIY Marbled Macarons
Sugar + Cloth is one of our favorite blogs for DIY projects. How pretty are these?

DIY Fruite Macarons

DIY Fruit Macarons
We love this one from Sugar + Cloth for a summer bridal shower or birthday party.

We do recommend going with a professional baker for your wedding day, but if you are planning on creating some sweet treats for a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday party or other event, we are all for getting crafting and DIYing it! Check out this visually stunning cheat sheet of color from Queen.

5: Metallics

We've been seeing metallics in the wedding scene, so why not make the most special cake of your life also feel super duper special?  These cake artists  are incorporating edible gold foils, sugar art, icing and fondant in stunningly avante-guarde techniques that have our mouths watering.

Read More

Delicate Gold Cake

We love this soft, delicate interpretation of the metallic trend from 100 Layer Cake.

Gold Edible Cake Topper

The cake remains understated with Don't Tell Charle's signature concrete finish, and all the attention goes straight to that golden edible topper.

Gold Floral Cake

This Australian cake artist combined gold with white flowers in an effortlessly modern yet timeless way.


We're seeing this one pop up in all aspects of wedding and event planning - from place cards to table numbers and invites... so why not translate this yummy trend into your desserts? This image by Bake My Day mixes a few of our trends featured here today - geo themed, water color painted effect that is reminiscent of an agate crystal. Click here to see more from this out-of-this-world same-sex wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake (you'll love the other ways they incorporated the geometric theme throughout their wedding day).

Blue agate wedding cake
Pastel Triangle Geo Cake

Pretty and pastel, this understated cake is perfect for a bridal or baby shower.

Geometric Cake

You can opt to keep the cake simple and get a geometric cake topper (or side embellishment, like this one)

Diamond Stacked Cake

This gravity-defying cake will probably make your baker look at you like you're nuts, but we think it's pretty rad.

We discovered baker Dinara Kasko's geometric creations on and we love the cerebral quality to these architectural desserts. And that's no coincidence - the artist behind the cakes combined her love of architecture with her penchant for baking. She starts with a 3D printer for prototypes, and builds her own cake molds from silicone. 

This cake, also by Dinara Kaska, has an almost cellular texture. We love how she paired the soft finish of the cake with a perfect peony.

Totally crushing on this Dinara Kaska geometric heart cake, especially for an engagement party or bridal shower. And that glaze!


Want to see how to implement these epic ideas for your party or event? These expert bakers effortlessly weave together two or more of the trends on our list and we're obsessed. 

Mac Lab Bakery Geode Macarons
Macaron Watercolor Stroke Cake
Vanilla Artistic Brush Stroke Macarons
Geo Painted Cake
Pink + Orange Floral Macarons
Mac Lab Bakery Splatter Paint Macarons
Mac Lab Bakery

How phenom are these crystal macarons from Mac Lab Bakery?! We love the delicate gold foil that lines the crystals spilling out.

Mac Lab Bakery

Another stunning macaron from Mac Lab Bakery. Check out their assortment of colors. Now you can check 'something blue' off your list.

Metallic Geometric Painted Cake

Don't Tell Charles combined metallic + geometric hexagons + an artistic painted finish and the result is a total winner.

Painted Geo Shape Cake

Another cake from Don't Tell Charles: the pastel painted effect has some gold foil detailing, and it's finished with modern geometric shapes. This is literally the perfect bridal shower cake.

spotlight: don't tell charles

I discovered this Australian cake artist and wanted to quit my job, move to Melbourne and become an apprentice at their bakery (that's a natural reaction, right?) These works of art touch upon several of the trends that we're talking about today, which is always a good thing. 

Hot Pink Hexagon Cake
Yellow and Orange Modern Shape Cake
Blue Water Sugar Cake
Pink Abstract Floral Cake

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